a novel by Gorman Bechard


cover designed by Kate Geruntho 

and Tyler Palmer

with much thanks to Eric Bachmann 

and the Archers of Loaf  for use of lyrics to their songs throughout


SNOW BLIND is a novel I wrote back in 1996 and 1997, after BALLS but before GOOD NEIGHBORS. It was a sequel of sorts to SLOW FADE TO BLACK, in that it featured FBI agent, Paige Turner.

It's a very dark thriller. Paige faces off against a serial killer while trapped in a remote Montana ski lodge in the middle of the blizzard to end all...

Obviously it never found a home in the publishing world, but it's found a home here. And a wonderfully creepy (can creepy be wonderful?) cover, beautifully designed by Kate Geruntho and Tyler Palmer. 

I had considered doing a massive rewrite, turning it in a Gracie O'Toole thriller (You remember O'Toole from NINTH SQUARE), and basing it out of New Haven...

But sometimes you just need to move on.

And while the beginning seems slow to me now, the book picks up speed quickly, kicking major ass by the time you get to the ending. I love Paige, as I believe you will. And Paige loves the Archers of Loaf, whose songs she sings through-out the book. She'd love Crooked Fingers now, but they weren't around in 1997. 

So, here it is, in 24 installments, coming on the 1st and 15th of the month through all of 2004. (The book would be approximately 400 pages if in regular book form.)

Nothing's changed since my last draft. There are typos, some things seem dated, and there are a few things I really would love to change (too many names beginning with the same first letter!), but it's a fun read. It's twisted. (I like twisted.) Enjoy!

Gorman Bechard

January 1st, 2004



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