“Psychos in Love is easily one of the greatest horror comedies of all time. Its brainy, cerebral mix of camp humor, gore, and an anti-grape musical number make it one of the most lovable, unique films of the subgenre.” -Art Ettinger, Ultra Violent Magazine

After 22 years in exile on the island of used VHS tapes, PSYCHOS IN LOVE is available in a deluxe DVD edition from Media Blasters. The disc is loaded with extras, including two commentaries, a making-of featurette, a huge photo gallery, the original trailer, scenes from the staged version of Psychos In Love, three short films by Gorman Bechard, and trailers from his other works.

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A trenchant, laugh-out-loud indictment of slasher films, romantic comedies, and grapes (that’s right, pal, grapes), Psychos In Love (1986) is a genre-defying post-modern cult classic that will wind its way into your heart as its characters work their way through vats of gore. Packed tight with sly homages to – and parodies of – the work of such cinema legends as Alfred Hitchcock, Woody Allen, Roger Corman, Groucho Marx, and Gerard Damiano, Psychos In Love foreshadows the grand guignol culinary delights of Silence of the Lambs, served up with a healthy portion of wry wit and all-American t&a. You’ll find yourself humming the theme in the morning.

Starring Carmine Capobianco, Debi Thibeault, Frank Stewart, Cecilia Wilde, Donna Davidge
Associate Producers: H. Shep Pamplin, Shaun Cashman
Music by Carmine Capobianco Executive Producer: Gary Bechard
Written by Gorman Bechard & Carmine Capobianco
Shot, Edited, Produced & Directed by Gorman Bechard



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